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Edward Salim Michael


Salim Michael

Born in England in 1921, of Anglo-Indian descent, Edward Salim Michaël Michael spent his whole youth in the Middle East from the prewar period. Parental peregrinations brought him back to London just before the storm of the Second World War, from which he emerged terribly bruised.

He then threw himself with the exigency of a great artist into a symphonic-music composer’s career. Attracted by French music, he decided to come to study in Paris, where he went through the pangs of creation in excessively difficult conditions for years.

It was in 1949 when, for the first time, he saw a Buddha statue. From that decisive moment onward, in parallel with his musician’s career, he engaged himself with passion in a sustained meditation practice, which, because of the exceptional capacities of concentration that he had developed as a composer, allowed him rapidly to have profound spiritual experiences. After five years of unrelenting efforts in the midst of the agitation and tribulations of the modern world, he had, at the age of thirty-three, an extremely powerful experience of awakening, to what one can call his Buddha-Nature, as well as the Infinite in oneself.

Feeling a deep urge to dedicate himself totally to his inner life, he decided to renounce music to answer the irresistible call of India, country of his maternal grandmother. There he spent almost seven years, during which he never stopped deepening his spiritual practice.

After coming back to France, he started transmitting with compassion the fruits of his inner experiences and mystical understandings to his pupils, for whom he has written several books, the last one printed in May 2008.

The Law of Attention (first published in 1983 under the title The Way of Inner Vigilance) is his first book, written in English, the subsequent ones having been written directly in French.

He left this world the end of November 2006 at the age of eighty-five.

He regarded himself as a Buddhist, but as his teaching was based on his direct experience, he did not hesitate to quote Christian, Hindu, or Sufi mystics.

source : www.meditation-presence.com



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